I had some fun with a website project of mine, which in it’s core, is a server-list with it’s own voting system. The website is build on these technologies:

  1. Java - at it’s core.
  2. JavaSpark - http request/response framework.
  3. Jetty - Java http server.
  4. Angularjs - The front is build in Angularjs framework.
  5. Mongodb - Database.

The whole thing is compiled in Maven which produce a Jar file. The jar file is executed on a virtual host at Digitalocean


The main goal is to list of servers that everyone can add to, and then vote on individual servers. The highest voted server is the top server. Every server is updated and checked ever 10 minutes, with information like players, location and so on.

I wanted to make all the information collected free and available to everyone, in the front-end displayed, and in JSON format.

This project was for me to play with new technologies i haven’t used before. It was really fun to play with tho.

I used about 100+ hours playing around on this project.

Visit csgocasual.eu

Feel free to give feedback in the comment section.

Fresh start with new blog

Hello everyone.

So i go tired of the old Octopress blog i had, and i decided to start over again. This time with Hexo. I integrated Hexo with Intellij with GruntJS.
This means i can control everything from my IDE, which is perfect compared to the Octopress, which was a library “wrong/old” version mess.

The plans is to blog more.. I haven’t been that active which is a shame i think. You could ask yourself why you would be interested in my blog? Well, if your not, then that settels that, but for me it’s a great way to “log” my personal progress.
So progress? Yea, my own way to publicly show off my life and interests. It’s easy to show off, and to communicate with a blog, so please, feel free to leave a comment.